OpenBaseMovil Development

Offshoring your OpenBaseMovil development to experts can assist you to realise OpenBaseMovil projects efficiently, integrate J2ME technology innovatively and carry out tasks in a defined result oriented time frame. You can hire an experienced team of OpenBaseMovil developers from us at lowest rates yet the highest commitment. Also, you do not have to commit the overheads that come with employing a full-time in-house J2ME expert! Our capable team of OpenBaseMovil developers can work on an onsite + offshore engagement model as suitable to your requirements. Being an extension of your in-house staff while keeping optimal command over the whole application development process, our team addresses your personalized needs with a very high quality of services that is unmatched in the industry.

Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and embedded systems. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones and set-top boxes. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

OpenBaseMovil is an open source, a free application framework for building J2ME mobile applications. It is a strong J2ME database engine, a scripting engine and a UI toolset that enables XML view definition. OpenBaseMovil is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). OpenBaseMovil also contains storage which is a pluggable library employed by the database, and the helper tools like resource checking and packing, and compiling view between others.

OpenBaseMovil includes various features such as, a strong database engine for holding numerous data in multi-megabyte databases, a declarative view definition language having a simple xml file for generating entire views which are script and data-aware, a scripting engine for easily building and extending applications and operating them on any other mobile platform, provides floating point support, task control, and so on.

We give OpenBaseMovil development services for various client requirements. Based on customer specific requirements our smart OpenBaseMovil team is capable of developing all kinds of offshore OpenBaseMovil-based solution from a small application to composite mobile application. We use the time and cost saving advantages of commercial and open source libraries and frameworks to develop best, offshore and bespoke web solutions.

In the J2ME technology domain, we offer solutions to a vast array of industries including Enterprise, FMCG, Finance, Real Estate, Construction, Call Center, Manufacturing, Travel etc. Combining some J2ME development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and communication systems such as IM, voice chat, an email we can give our services to businesses globally, reliably without any troubles. Following a well-defined and process driven approach our J2ME developers are very well versed with all international development standards and J2ME development processes and leverage the most cutting-edge project management software inclusive of Fossil, Project-Open , Microsoft Project, Dolibarr ERP/CRM, KForge and distributed source control and versioning mechanisms including Git, Visual Studio Team System. Our large experience in advanced J2ME mobile development projects has given us a strong background in custom third-party integrations like Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Yahoo! Store, Amazon EC2 / S3, eWay Payment Gateway, Google Maps API and numerous more.

We have specialist J2ME development teams consisting of J2ME architects and expert J2ME developers on third-party and opensource J2ME web and mobile components, libraries and frameworks including LWUIT, Apime, Fire, Thinlet, LwVCL, OpenBaseMovil, Kuix, Nextel, Byblos, J2ME Polish. We also give special solutions to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and open-source application packages like and other similar applications.

We create some J2ME apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in such as Mobile Shopping, Mobile eCommerce, Mobile ERP, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Mobile Groupware, Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Conferencing, Enterprise Mobile Collaboration, Enterprise Mobile CRM.
We specialise in J2ME games developed with modern 3D graphics and J2ME enterprise apps with a service-oriented architecture following modern application design. We provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to enterprises over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support the real-time availability of business-critical information.

Please e-mail for OpenBaseMovil application developers or a dedicated OpenBaseMovil mobile development team of an onsite/ offshore engagement model. It’s also possible to completely outsource your OpenBaseMovil and J2ME web development requirements to us.