LWUIT Development

Offshoring your LWUIT development to experts can assist you to realise LWUIT projects efficiently, integrate J2ME technology innovatively and accomplish tasks in a definite result oriented time frame. You can hire a committed team of LWUIT developers from us at lowest rates yet the highest dedication. Also, you do not have to commit the overheads that come with hiring a full-time in house J2ME professional! Our experienced team of LWUIT developers can work on an onsite + offshore engagement model as suitable to your requirements. Being an addition of your in-house personnel while keeping optimal control over the whole application development process, our team addresses your personalized needs with a very high quality of services that is unequalled in the industry.

Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and embedded systems. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones and set-top boxes. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

LWUIT is an acronym for Light Weight User Interface Toolkit, is a versatile and compact UI library for developing attractive and stable Java ME applications for mobile devices. It offers delicate Swing-like competencies devoid of any complexity and power of Swing. LWUIT provides a general group of components, animated screen transition, flexible layouts, event-handling mechanism, and style and theming.

LWUIT comprises of several features including UI controls (Tree, Table, Buttons, etc), XHTML support, provides creating fonts on desktop, pluggable look and feel & themes, entire LWUIT component allows touch screen, support virtual keyboard, provides visual effects through animations and transition, provides bi-directional text support for right to left text, provides 3D and SVG graphics integration, and Theme Creator tool for editing and creating themes and resources.

Offshore LWUIT developers are an ideal resource for getting a job done without the trouble of the administration overheads of normal employees. We give dedicated LWUIT J2ME developers and specialized J2ME mobile developers for all your web development project requirements. Irrespective of whether you are looking at creating best LWUIT applications or other J2ME based applications, we have the developer for your needs.

Within the J2ME technology domain we give services to a vast range of industries inclusive of eLearning, Gaming, Casino/ Gambling, Manufacturing, Finance, Travel, Retail, FMCG etc. Combining a number of J2ME development methodologies such as Iterative, Waterfall, Agile and communication systems such as voice chat, email, IM we can offer our services to businesses worldwide, reliably without any troubles. We follow a process driven methodology our J2ME developers are very well acquainted with all international development standards and J2ME development processes and use the most modern project management systems such as Project-Open , TaskJuggler, Rachota , dotProject , Dolibarr ERP/CRM and source control and versioning mechanisms inclusive of Git, Mercurial. Our large exposure to latest J2ME mobile development projects have given us a strong background in custom third-party integrations such as Yahoo! Store, Authorize.NET Payment Gateway, POS/ Till Machine API, Twitter API, Picasa API, Protx Payment Gateway and many more.

We have specialist J2ME development teams consisting of J2ME consultants and specialized J2ME developers on commercial and opensource J2ME web and mobile frameworks, libraries, components and SDK’s such as JMicroscope, DIET 3D, Nextel, OpenBaseMovil, J4ME, Apime, LWUIT, Floggy, J2ME Polish, Thinlet. We also give special services to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and open-source application packages like and others.

We help develop a wide range of J2ME apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in including Mobile ERP, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Enterprise Mobile CRM, Mobile Conferencing, Mobile eCommerce, Mobile SMS Apps, Business Reporting, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Games, Mobile Shopping.
We specialise in J2ME games developed with advanced 3D graphics and J2ME enterprise apps with a service oriented architecture following contemporary application design. We provide complete consultancy and integration services to corporates over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support the real-time availability of business-critical data.

Feel free to drop a line to us anytime. One of our representatives should be able to reply to you within the next 24 hours. Do contact us for any information about our past projects on LWUIT, clients, technical skillsets, infrastructure and we will be happy to show you around.