Kuix Development

Our Kuix development services include Kuix mobile solutions and advanced J2ME web development. Besides Kuix we also develop on some J2ME development commercial and open source mobile frameworks. Making use of cutting-edge technology, standards and best practices for Kuix development, our talented Kuix developers are highly smart and skilled in Kuix programming. To learn more about our Kuix services, please contact us. We promise a very high level of commitment to all our Kuix web development projects and J2ME is one of our core focus domains of expertise. We have a smart team of Kuix developers, and you can hire a Kuix developer or hire a team of dynamic Kuix developers for customised Kuix application development.

Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and embedded systems. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones and set-top boxes. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

The Kalmeo User Interface eXtensions (Kuix) is a development framework for enabling natural development of high-end Java ME applications. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and a commercial license. Kuix offers major graphical components like menus, lists, etc. required to develop the latest GUI and employs a CSS/XML manner to illustrate the screens and the user action in the application.

Kuix in basically a wide and fully customizable JavaME UI framework that includes several features such as, open source, fast and easy development of application through forms and widgets that are deployed using an XML method and combines with CSS file for enabling developers to create faster applications, and wide devices compatibility for providing wide spectrum of supported devices (compliant with CLDC1.0 and MIDP2.0).

We provide Kuix development services for various customer needs. Based on client specific needs our dedicated Kuix team is capable of developing all kinds of efficient Kuix-based solution from a small application to complex mobile application. We leverage the time and cost saving advantages of commercial and open source libraries and frameworks to deliver inexpensive, advanced and fully featured web solutions.

In the J2ME domain, we provide services and solutions to a vast range of industry segments such as Real Estate, Manufacturing, BPO, Telecommunication, Finance, eLearning, Corporate, Retail etc. Combining various J2ME development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and communication systems such as email, voice chat, IM we can provide our services to businesses and individuals worldwide, reliably without any hassles. Pursuing a process driven methodology our J2ME developers are well acquainted with all international development standards and J2ME development processes and use the most modern project management software like Fossil, KPlato, eGroupWare, Open Workbench, Bugzilla and source control and versioning software including Visual Studio Team System, Mercurial. Our vast experience in cutting-edge J2ME mobile development projects has given us a strong background in custom third-party API integrations such as Yahoo Web Services API, SmartCard API, eWay Payment Gateway, Ogone Payment Gateway, Twitter API, eBay API and many others.

We have specialist J2ME development groups consisting of J2ME experts and smart J2ME developers on third-party and opensource J2ME web and mobile frameworks, libraries, components and SDKs such as Thinlet, Floggy, LWUIT, jMobileCore, Apime, Kuix, JGame, Fire, microscope, MWT. We also provide specialised services to customise, integrate, install, deploy and implement various commercial and open-source application packages such as and other similar applications.

We develop and implement a wide range of J2ME apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in like Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Enterprise Mobile CRM, Business Reporting, Mobile Games, Mobile Conferencing, Mobile Groupware, Mobile Advertising, Mobile eCommerce, Enterprise Mobile Collaboration.
We specialise in J2ME games developed with modern 3D graphics and J2ME enterprise apps with a service-oriented architecture and following modern application design. We provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to enterprises over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support real-time access to business-critical information.

Please drop a line to us if you want to hire Kuix developers, for Kuix and J2ME mobile application developers or have any customised Kuix development project to outsource to a proficient company.