J2ME Polish Development

J2ME Polish Development

We give bespoke end-to-end J2ME mobile development services across various industry segments worldwide with complete implementation and support. Using cutting-edge development tools, frameworks and libraries such as J2ME Polish and advanced development methodologies such as agile and extreme programming assists speed up development and shorten time-to-market cycles. A modular approach ensures effortless application maintainability and seamless integration of new functionality or third-party controls. Whether you want to create a one-time J2ME Polish-based J2ME project, find a dependable partner for your long-lasting business initiative or hire a professional J2ME Polish development team – our committed J2ME Polish development group is the best match!.

Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and embedded systems. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones and set-top boxes. Java ME was formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

J2ME Polish is a collection of tools and technologies for building wireless Java applications. J2ME Polish is comprised of several components that can be categorized into four different sections such as, build a framework for building J2ME applications, client framework for delivering APIs for improving Java application, IDE plug-ins for ease the growth of J2ME applications within Eclipse IDE, and several stand-alone tools.

J2ME Polish includes various features such as, Lush, which is a highly flexible toolkit for designing outside of the source code, Janus, a toolkit used for harboring mobile applications to several handsets and technology platforms, touch technology for accessing server-side content and interacting with remote parties, trunk for enabling saving and loading complex data using a single line of code, and device database, Marjory.

We provide J2ME Polish development services for various customer needs. Depending on user-specific needs our professional J2ME Polish team is capable of developing all kinds of affordable J2ME Polish-based solution from a small application to complicated mobile application. We use the time and cost saving advantages of commercial and open source libraries and frameworks to deliver inexpensive, innovative and dynamic web solutions.

In the J2ME technology domain, we provide services to a vast array of industries inclusive of Gaming, BPO, Finance, Construction, FMCG, Telecommunication, eLearning, Call Center etc. Combining numerous J2ME development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and communication systems such as voice chat, email, IM we can give our services to clients worldwide, reliably without any troubles. Pursuing a process driven approach our J2ME developers are well acquainted with all international development standards and J2ME development processes and use the most advanced project management systems like Launchpad, Bugzilla, KPlato, Feng Office, Open Workbench and source control and versioning tools including Mercurial, Visual Studio Team System. Our vast exposure to latest J2ME mobile development projects has given us a solid background in third-party integrations like Verisign Payment Gateway, Facebook API, Yahoo! Store, Barclays ePDQ Payment Gateway, ClickaTell SMS Gateway, Barcode Systems API and many more.

We have specialist J2ME development groups consisting of J2ME experts and proficient J2ME developers on third-party and opensource J2ME web and mobile code components, libraries and frameworks such as MWT, byblos, DIET 3D, kUI, Fire, Floggy, OpenBaseMovil, LWUIT, Synclast UI, J4ME. We also give special services to customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement various third-party and open-source application packages such as and others.

We create a number of J2ME apps and cross-platform mobile apps and solutions in such as Business Reporting, Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Conferencing, Mobile Groupware, Enterprise Mobile CRM, Enterprise Mobile Collaboration, Mobile Advertising, Mobile SMS Apps, Mobile ERP, Mobile Games.
We specialise in J2ME games developed with modern 3D graphics and J2ME enterprise apps with a service-oriented architecture following modern application design. We provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to enterprises over their entire IT software setup across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support real-time availability of business-critical information.

We request you to e-mail for J2ME Polish application developers or an expert J2ME Polish mobile development team of an onsite/ offshore engagement model. It’s also possible to completely outsource your J2ME Polish and J2ME web development requirements to us.